Use any coloring page on the internet.

"Adult Coloring Book, coloring page maker" chrome extention is a premium tool for members that allows using any coloring page image found on the internet within "Adult Coloring Book, coloring page maker" android app. Now you can use, edit, modify, print and color any coloring page within the app.
Just find the coloring page you want to use and then click the Adult Coloring Book extension. From the opened popup you can either click the email link above any image to email yourself a link that when clicked on a mobile device will open the coloring page on the coloring page editor within the app. Or you can click the image which will open the link within another chrome tab that you can send to your other devices.
1. Search for any kind of coloring pages. I searched for "Rick an Morty coloring pages".
(I like using google images but you dont have too.)
google images search 'Rick an Morty coloring pages'
2. Choose a coloring page and visit the website.
3. Click extentions icon to the left of the navigation bar the click the Adult Coloring Book extention.
4. Click the email link to send the link to your email to click on your mobile device.
5. Or Click the coloring page image to open in a new tab.
screen shot of Adult Coloring Book chrome extension
6. From the newly opend tab click the url at the top of the page to show the send to devices icon.
click the send to devices icon
7. Click the send to devices icon and choose which device to send the tab too.
8. Once you receive the notification on your device click to open tab in chrome.
9. Then click the "Click to load in Adult Coloring Book" link.
click to open coloring page in Adult Coloring Book
Please send us an email here if you have any issues or would like to make suggestions.
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*Android Kitkat and above.

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